Argentina 2018 LCOY

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Conferencia de la Juventud Cambio Climático - Argentina

This 2018, the COY 14 will be held on October 26 and 27 at the Siglo 21 University, Córdoba (Argentina), under the organization of Fundación TierraVida and Fundación Sustentabilidad Sin Fronteres. Throughout the event, we will work on five topics, of which there will also be training.

In addition, there will be spaces for diagnosis, playful dynamics, and moments for collective construction of solutions.



Dates & Facts

When will the COY take place? 26 y 27 de Octubre
Where will it take place? Córdoba, Argentina. Campus de la Universidad Siglo 21.
How many participants do you expect? 300
Where can I register? You can register here
Where can I get further information COY Argentina 2014





Training will be given on three topics, by experts of the country: 1) Adaptation to climate change of hobbies. 2) Energy efficiency and renewable energies.

3) Forests and afforestation. But two more will be added, which will be worked on during the days: 4) SDGs 13 and 17: alliances to achieve the objectives related to climate change and 5) Actions for climate empowerment. They will be used

diagnostic dynamics for the first day and work on solutions during the second.

More information about the programme can be found here.


Objectives and planned Outcomes

The COY will have several objectives: 1) national declaration of the COY14 Argentina 2) publication with the diagnostic work carried out by the young people and synthesis of the proposed solutions 3) short one minute stories related to the Talanao4ambition campaign


El equipo organizador

The organizing team is composed of a group of 15 people from two NGOs: TierraVida Foundation and Fundación Sinfronteras Sustainability.

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