Active Break Room

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Over the duration of your LCOY, an area is dedicated for answering the Talanoa-Questions. The Questions (and subquestions) are to be presented and a responsible person is standing by to answer possible questions.

The focus of the questions is to be chosen according to your local topics. Your Talanoa-Output can take many forms. One example is Best Practice 4, where there is someone with a camera standing by, filming the participants’ answers. Another possibility is, for example, creative writing or drawing.

In any case you will have to provide the materials needed, and think beforehand about the way you want to present the results. Choose the way in which you want to answer the Talanoa Questions wisely, in accordance with your capacities!

The TD-room itself takes the form of an active breakroom, a space to hang out, communicate with other participants and do a creative break by tackling the Talanoa questions.


A report meeting on the results should be part of the events schedule towards the end of your event, the form is in accordance with your chosen concept, e.g. Exhibition of the drawings, reading of poems, or presentation of videos.

The great advantage of this practice is, that the participants have no boundaries whatsoever and are able to answer the questions individually. There is no pressure of time, and the outputs can be really powerful.
The results can be used for a great variety of purposes. Drawings can be exhibited in different areas, videos can be spread throughout the internet and be shown on various occasions (see Best Practice 4), Poems and texts can be used for actions, workshops, lectures or sampled for different purposes and in different forms.
You, as Talanoa Dialogue Organiser, can use the most creative approaches. We are happy to see what you will share with us!