Talanoa Portrait Videos

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This idea is inspired by the movie “Human” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Here a small taster, it’s worth the ten minutes

The idea is simple: In October 2018, we will use our LCOY in the Netherlands to film young people answering the Talanoa Questions. We don’t aim to find concrete solutions for diffuse problems. The purpose of these videos is to share our perspective and to build empathy across borders.

We ask young people everywhere in the world, to join us in this project. Find a small, quite room at your event, take out a camera and record the stories young people have to share. The video material that we will create together can be shared in a range of different platforms like conferences, exhibitions, (social) media, and private settings. We will experiment with this approach at the LCOY Netherlands and will share our experiences in this toolkit.


The basics:

Reserve a quiet place at your conference to conduct filmed interviews. In these interviews young people will share their stories how they relate to Climate Change. The Three Central Questions of the Talanoa Dialogue should guide the story. However, if the story does not directly address these questions one at a time, that’s fine. The interviewee shouldn’t feel too constrained when telling their story. Also, let the interviewee speak speak in their native language if they feel more comfortable with that. Subtitles can always be added afterwards.


Only the answers of the interviewee are recorded, not the questions asked by the person behind the camera. The whole video should focus on the individual story of the person who is being filmed.


The video material can be used for different purposes. It can directly be spread by the LCOY members in their networks and communities. But we can also collect the material from different LCOYs and share the videos together at events like the COY and the COP, on platforms like Youtube, or here on the COY website www.conference-of-youth.org.


If you are intersted, you can upload your video material here XXXX. To have a coherent style when we compile the videos, you should follow some basic guideline when filming:


The frame of the video should cover the shoulders and the entire head of the interviewee. Make sure that there is still some space between the upper part of the head and the upper part of the frame. The interviewee should sit in the center of the frame. Take the image below as an example:

example frame