LCOY Cameroon 2018

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LCOY Cameroon

The LCOY Cameroon is an annual event before COY. This conference will happen in Yaounde on 12-13 Oct 2018 which will targer more that 150 youth. This event will depend the knowledge of the youth concerning climate change negotiation, capacity building on-ground and make proposals/ solutions to the government at national and international level.

Dates & Facts

When will the COY take place? 16 et 17 Novembre 2018
Where will it take place? National School of Water and Forests in Mbalmayo
How many participants do you expect? 150
Where can I register? Registration Form
Where can I get further information (link to website) Contact Form below




  • Urban areas/ Rural areas & climate change
  • Climate change & Alternative to Sustainailble energy
  • Global warming how will it impact COP 24
  • Shift to green energy, Impact on youth
  • Youth involvement in drafting the national adaptation plan on CC
  • Rural areas & impact of CC
  • Gender & CC
  • Environmental politics and Climate Justice in Cameroon
  • implementation of Paris Agreement: overview of youth
  • SDG.( Green jobs)
  • Climate and food security.
  • Climate justice .
  • NTIC and global warming -Youth engagement and finance youth led project.
  • Sustainable energy.
  • impact on coy 14 and cop 24.
  • Recycling and plastic waste disposal.

Objectives and planned Outcomes

  • Construct an inclusive and responsible event
  • Sensitisize the youth on CC
  • mass mobilisation & youth exchange 
  • capaciity building on CC
  • mobilise 150 youth 
  • set up a local committee in town of Yaounde 
  • Set up a network of youth ngo with a common aim of CC
  • knowledge based training on theory of CC put into practice

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