Active Break Room
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Over the duration of your LCOY, an area is dedicated for answering the Talanoa-Questions. The Questions (and subquestions) are to be presented and a responsible person is standing by to answer possible questions. The focus of the questions is to … Read More

May Intersessionals 2018
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  May Session Bonn The Talanoa Dialogue at the May Sessions (18 May 2018) Brief History of TD The Talanoa Dialogue was launched at COP 23. The approach to the Dialogue described in 1/CP.23, annex II, states that the process … Read More

Talanoa at the LCOY Fiji
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  Talanoa Sessions at the LCOY Fiji The Talanoa Process(es) serves significant importance to the people in Fiji and as well as to those in the Pacific region. The Talanoa sessions are supposed to be interactive and an open medium … Read More

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