Global COY10 – Lima

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It was the principal aim of COY10 to establish an environment of information, coordination and organization for the world’s youth in order to develop a Youth Climate Agenda towards COP20 and COP21.

Two hundred and seven (207) Peruvian and international volunteers made COY possible in Lima, working working for eleven months, organized as follows:

National team

It was the organizing team, made up of nine (09) Peruvian youth organizations, that directed, coordinated and executed the administrative, logistical and mobilization activities of COY10.

Ecos UNALM, Jóvenes por la democracia y la paz, Coherencia, El Infómano, Acción Sostenible, Brahma Kumaris – Perú, Red Universitaria Ambiental RUA-Nodo UNALM, Zoostener y el Centro de Investigación y Estudios Prospectivos-CIEP.

International team

It was the support and consulting team, made up of six (06) different organizations:

Movimiento de Jóvenes Latinoamericanos y Caribeños frente al Cambio Climático (CLIC!), Red Nacional de Jóvenes por el agua (Mexico), CliMates (France), Brahma Kumaris Environmental Iniciative (Canada), Sierra Student Coalition (USA), Red Paz, Integración y Desarrollo (Bolivia).

COY 10 Community

It was the youth organizations (21) that joined with volunteers and logistic material for the realization of COY10:

AENU, ANIA, Ashanti Perú, Brigada Forestal, CICAF, CIEXAMB, Generación+1,  Generación Verde Madre de Dios, GIJ, Grupo Mulli, Huella Ecológica, Jóvenes Iberoamericanos, Limpiando Conciencias, OJIRU, Recidar,  Red Silino, RUA Perú, TierrActiva Perú, UClimática, Vital Consultoría, Wallpay.


Mobilization strategy

National Strategy

In Peru, it was the first time that a COY was performed and, therefore, the majority of young Peruvians did not know about their implications and the work dynamics of YOUNGO. In order to involve the national participants, we made two preparatory events: 1st National Meeting of Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian Youth on Climate Change and 1st National Meeting of Young Entrepreneurs on Climate Change (EJE COY), in order to raise awareness of key elements on climate change, negotiation processes, what was COP20 and what were the objectives of COY10.

On the other hand, we created the COY10 Community, with the purpose of involving organizations from different regions of the country in the processes of organization and active participation of COY10.


International Strategy

To involved a international participants, we generated the Regional Climate Ambassadors (RCA), who – we were looking for – had the specific role of facilitating the active participation and participation of the participants at regional level for the articulation and organization of the global climate movement in order to reach the goals set for COY10. The plan was had two (2) Climate Ambassadors by regional block: a woman and a man. Regional blocs considered for this process are: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, North America, Oceania, Middle East and Small Islands, therefore having two of each region and a total of 16 RCA.

For us, their presence during COY10 was very important. But, we only managed to have RCAs in Latin America, Oceania, North America and Asia. This situation led us to reflect later on the need to generate more direct channels of communication between young people and YOUNGO, given that due to language and information issues, it was not possible to establish mechanisms with a greater degree of involvement from different parts of the world.

However, in the case of Latin America, with the support of CLIC! and the AECID (Spanish Cooperation), we managed to have National Climate Ambassadors for Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Haití. These ambassadors were able to mobilize delegations of participants and hold preliminary meetings in their countries before reaching the COY, meeting the challenges we had proposed.


Results achieved

  • Around 900 participants from 80 countries around the world.
  • 350 peruvian participants from all regions nationwide.
  • 22 conferences, 50 workshops and 55 side events during the three days of COY10.
  • 8 Nacional Contact Roundtable with the participation of 120 attendees.
  • 3 preparatory events: 1st National Meeting of Indigenous and Afro-Peruvian Youth on Climate Change, 1st National Meeting of Young Entrepreneurs on Climate Change (EJE COY) and 1st Regional Meeting of Latin American and Caribbean Youth (e-CLIC!).
  • First Global Youth Declaration on Climate Change in history of the Conference of Youth (COY).
  • Generating a Working Agenda to YOUNGO and a restructuring proposal by 2015.
  • A Organizing Team of 260 volunteers during all the process.
  • A COY10 Comunnity with 26 organizations nationwide.
  • COY bilingual (English and Spanish) with 30 volunteer interpreters.
  • Sustanible event with neutral carbon footprint: vegetarian food and proper waste management system.
  • Total  investment of S/.180 000.00 (PEN) collected by cooperation and contribution from various organizations and institutions nationally and internationally.
  • The MCJC (Colombian Youth Climate Movement was born from the COY 10)



As COY10 products, we faced the challenge of addressing two needs: 1) a formal position of young people on the fight against climate change and negotiation processes at the COP; and 2) a road map for internal work in YOUNGO.