Regarding Programme Contributions

Individuals or entities that have experiences related to various aspects of climate change, environment conservation, climate activism, education, policy or art. Entities could be, but are not limited to, NGOs, inter-governmental institutions, networks, groups.

The programme will be designed to serve an international audience with various backgrounds and experiences. The core objective of COY14 is to empower and strengthen young individuals and youth movements by providing space for:

1) Engaging youth in climate action through capacity building

2) Policy training and preparation for COP24

3) Empowerment and engagement of youth perspective from Small Islands Developing States and further vulnerable communities

4) Sharing stories (Talanoa) and Implementing Ambition

5) Climate Finance

COY14 addresses young people, most aged between 15-35, from all over the world. Three different target groups are expected to join COY14:

YOUNGO members

COY14 connects young people who are participating in UNFCCC processes. Most of them belong to YOUNGO, the youth constituency to UNFCCC. YOUNGO consists of all young individuals and youth-led organisations or groups which participate in UNFCCC processes and at the climate negotiations. COY14 serves as a platform to prepare YOUNGO members for COP24.

Climate Activists

COY14 invites Climate Activists who are not involved in the COP24 negotiations. This group consists of individuals, grassroots movements and organisations that actively engage with climate change. Also, the COY will be an opportunity to develop and prepare actions and solidarity events around COP24.

Prospective members of climate movements or people interested in topics connected with environmental issues

COY14 invites individuals who are not yet active members of climate movements and encourages their involvement. This group may be interested in getting an overview of the key issues in the negotiation process.

We expect that contributions will address at least one of the three target groups (YOUNGO members, climate activists and prospective members of climate movements). A Programme Contribution could be, for example, workshops, debates, art performances, exhibitions, and many more. As the overall goal is to empower the participants and young Programme Contributors, we especially welcome concepts that encourage active involvement and learning-by-doing. We are looking for open-minded people who are ready to undertake a challenge and be an active part of creating COY14.

The duration of programme contributions should be planned to last around either 90 or 180 minutes. In some exceptional cases – with plausible argumentation – it is possible to extend the duration. It also depends on the kind of programme contribution you are planning to prepare - in case it is an art workshop which will take place between  or during other activities of COY14, duration can be different. In case of any questions, please contact organizers of COY14.

We intend to create a programme accessible for all to cater to an international, diverse audience. Experience from previous COYs indicates that the main languages are English, French, Polish, Spanish. Programme Contributions are encouraged to be held in one of these languages. As many participants will speak English as a second language, it is recommended that this is taken into consideration. Please contact organizers of COY14 if you would need translations during your workshop/activity.

COY14 will take place at the Silesian University in Katowice, Poland. Therefore, most of the programme will take place in classrooms with an optimal capacity of 20-30 people. Basic conference equipment and infrastructure will be provided (including projector, access to internet, etc.). We will get in touch with all selected programme contributors around the beginning of November to share more details and assess equipment and infrastructure needs.

Principally, any individual or entity can submit more than one proposal – provided they reasonably differ in content and/or method. Nevertheless, COY14 intends to provide a programme which is as diverse as possible in both the topics and origins of its contributors.

Due to a minimal budget, we cannot cover any costs for your contribution, including remuneration and allowances. We are planning to set up an art space open for all of the COY14 participants and provide some materials and information about it will be shared on the beginning of November.

Programme Contributions will be selected in line with the objectives and topics of COY14 and the experience of the contributors.

Concepts that foster interaction and actively involve participants are preferred.

The final selection of Programme Contributions will consider a balance of contributors based on regions, affiliation and gender identity (in case of individual contribution).

In case of two very similar proposals, priority will be given to youth-led organisations over institutions without a specific focus on youth and to younger over older individual contributors.

Please note that profit-making activities will not be accepted

Applications can be submitted until Saturday, 27 October 2018, 23.59 GMT only through the official submission form. You will be informed on the beginning of November if your Programme Contribution proposal is accepted.

No. The COY14 Team will select a coherent and diverse programme out of the submitted Programme Contribution proposals. At previous COYs, more proposals were submitted than slots were available. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject Programme Contribution proposals without further explanation. By submitting a proposal you agree to the outlined procedure.


Yes, please register as a participant as well. You can find the link to the registration form here

Regarding COY14 in General

COY14 is the 14th version of Conference of Youth, the annual assembly of YOUNGO - the formal children and youth constituency on UN climate change processes. The core objective of COY14 is to empower children and youth, and   strengthen youth-led organisations and entities to take responsibility for and action towards solving climate change. Both, participants and programme contributors shall gather knowledge, experience and expertise by being actively involved in the event. Programme/agenda will be available in the beginning of November 2018.

Yes, you can take part in COY14 for free. The event does not have any registration fee.However, you will need to pay for other expenses including accommodation, travel, food, etc.

COY14 will take place in Katowice, Poland from 29 November 2018 (Thursday) to 1 December 2018 (Saturday).

Children and youth (under the age of 35) who are interested in topics concerning climate change, climate action, climate negotiations, and related areas. For participants who are minor (under the age of 18), organising team will get in touch separately to fulfil appropriate  requirements /documents after the registration via the main form.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any financial support. Hence, you would need to cover all the expenses yourself including accommodation, travel to and from Katowice, food, and all other expenses.

YOUNGO COY Working Group and COY14 Organising Team is currently in the process of developing topics and themes for COY14. Soon, there will be a call for programme contributions, where all participants and youth-focused entities would be invited to submit proposals to hold different sessions at COY. Please note, that no funding is provided for anyone hosting a programme session, as well.

You can register via GOOGLE FORM


Please note that, COY14 team DOES NOT offer any accommodation spaces. You will have to make all arrangements related to accommodation yourself.

There are some options (Official COP24 accommodation:;  AirBNB:; couchsurfing:; local site: ), where you can find or book accommodation in Katowice, Poland and the surrounding areas. Please bear in mind that the number of spots in Katowice, Poland is already limited due to COP24.

COY14 welcomes all children and youth in an equal spirit. We kindly request you to indicate in your application if you or any member in your delegation needs any form of special assistance or support. We will try our best to provide the needed  assistance , so everyone can comfortably participate in COY14.
Should you have  any questions regarding this, feel free to contact the COY14 organising team via

It is intended to close the registration in the beginning of November 2018.

Giving the nature of venue, it is expected that around 1000 participants shall take part in COY14.

Yes, every member of a group should register individually through the registration form

Yes, COY14 organising team shall make efforts to provide translations to Polish, French and Spanish during COY14.