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Welcome to the Website of COY14!

The global COY takes places right before the annual UN Climate Change Conference. The 14th Global Conference of Youth (COY14) will take place in Katowice, Poland between the 29th of November 2018 and the 1st of December 2018. Workshops and events that you will be able to take part in during the conference will be published on the beginning of November 2018.

On this page you can find all information that are relevant in case you are planning to come to Katowice and take part in COY14. There will be further information added in the next few days, so make sure that you check this page regularly!


Address of Venue:

University of Silesia

ul.Bankowa 11

40-007 Katowice


Programme of COY

Passionate young people and anyone interested from anywhere in the world are welcome to join COY. COY14 is organised by young volunteers and aims to empower young people in Climate Justice, Climate Policy and Sustainable Development through a multilingual programme consisting of methodological sessions and related content.

COY14 will provide spaces for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, build networks and movements, develop creative ideas and prepare them for the subsequent 24rd Conference of the Parties (COP24) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

COY14 will be an opportunity to address a wide-ranging field of topics related to climate change and sustainability. Furthermore, we envision the programme to address the wide variety of theory of changes that are pursued by different parts of the youth climate movements, broadly falling under the category of activism and policy work. Click on the button below to see the programme of COY14!

Engaging youth in climate action through capacity building

COY14 intends to provide a dedicated space for capacity building of young people: this includes, but not limited, ensuring that participants are up-to-date with recent scientific findings and political agendas, that they -through sessions and trainings provided at COY - are equipped with everyday “tools” for climate action. Sharing knowledge lays the foundation for successful participation in political and social processes. Furthermore, capacity-building focuses on strengthening the children and youth constituency and its youth organisations by showcasing best practices and providing space for the exchange of experiences.

Policy training and preparation for COP24

Noting that a COY is intended to help preparate youth for the upcoming UN climate change negotiations at COP24, COY14 shall provide policy training the same. There will be content-related sessions regarding agenda items in the upcoming sessions of COP, APA, SBI and SBSTA; and at the same time, there will be thorough induction sessions for those joining UN negotiations for the first time. Furthermore, workshop sessions will share the necessary knowledge and skills for working with policy documents and advocating youth positions in various arenas.

Empowerment and engagement of youth perspective from Small Islands Developing States and further vulnerable communities

It is intended to raise attention and awareness regarding challenges, perspectives, as well as successes in communities of Small Island States - who are at the forefront of climate change. The vulnerabilities within SIDS, and similar communities,  arise from a number of physical, socio-economic and environmental factors, inter alia, small size, limited resources, geographical dispersion and isolation from markets, which place them at a disadvantage economically and prevent economies of scale. SIDS remain a special case for sustainable development in acknowledgement of their unique characteristics, challenges and vulnerabilities and the ongoing impact of these on their ability to achieve sustainable development and build sustained resilience - and it is intended that COY14 shall highlight this at levels.

Sharing stories (Talanoa) and raising ambition towards implementation of Paris Agreement.

At COP24, shall take place a “Facilitative Dialogue” - providing for a first ever avenue of stocktaking of efforts from world governments since the adoption of the Paris Agreement. COY14 intends to provide an analogous space for youth - to reflect upon positive impacts they have made in their homes and communities all around the world to mitigate carbon emissions, adapt to climate conditions, and contribute towards a  just and sustainable transitions.This will also facilitate effective sharing of knowledge, while paving ways to advance meaningful youth participation in implementing the Paris Agreement - especially on taking responsibilities at grassroot level and fostering greater awareness on climate change.

Climate Finance

The climate negotiations on the Paris Work Program are expected to deliver upon Climate Fiance. As it is a very cross-cutting theme, COY14 intends to provide space for diverse discussions around this - ranging from understanding crucial negotiations around this issue, viewing this from perspective of developing and developed countries, examining how or if the current finance mechanisms consider youth and gender as cross-sectoral thematic, and how market mechanisms under Paris Agreement Work Program are evolving. Focus would also be driven on how youth policy positions contribute to, and youth-led initiatives can benefit within the large scheme of things.

Registration is open!

Bearing in mind the venue and other factors, COY14 will be able to welcome about 1000 participants from all around the world. COY14 will provide an avenue to connect young people who are participating in UNFCCC processes. Most of them are affiliaed with YOUNGO, the official children and youth constituency to UNFCCC. COY14 also invites Climate Activists who are not involved in the COP24 negotiations. This group consists of individuals, grassroot movements and organisations, that actively engage with climate change. Last but not least, COY14 will welcome any young individual younger than 35 years of age, who are not yet active members of climate movements to inspire and encourage their engagement.

For further information regarding the participation have a look at the Terms and Conditions and the Frequently Asked Questions. Please make sure to carefully read both before filling the registration form for COY14.

Stay informed!

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