Local Conferences of Youth (LCOY) are events by YOUNGO, the official children and youth constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change. LCOY organisers bring the annual climate negotiations, to their home countries and make sure that words are turned into action. At LCOYs, young people connect to each other, teach, learn, and organise themselves to make their voices heard to our state leader. LCOYs form a network in which youth can connect across borders and explore ways to collaborate on a regional or global level.

Last year, LCOYs took place in 19 countries on all five continents. Have a look at their reports and outcomes by clicking on the markers on the map

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Organise an LCOY in your country or region

Are you young? Do you want to give back to your communities? And can you commit yourself to the ten principles of LCOYs? Then don't scare away and organise a Local Conference of Youth in your home country or region. All it takes is to send in an application to YOUNGO before 1st April. The application forms will be published on 15th March but please already sign-up on this form so that we can inform you as soon as more information is available.

The ten principles of LCOYs

Local Conferences of Youth, LCOYs, are events by and embedded in the YOUNGO that build capacities and knowledge of, train, educate and empower young people in a country or region to take action on climate change and sustainable development.

Engagement in the organising process of, and participation at the Local COYs should follow the principle of inclusivity. YOUNGO welcomes and values the contributions that individuals who identify as members of marginalized communities bring to the climate movement, and encourages Indigenous people, people of colour, women, people identifying as LGBTQI+, members of ethnic minorities, immigrants and people with disabilities to be involved and represented throughout the LCOY processes.  We recognize that this list is neither exhaustive nor representative of the intersectionality present within each individual.

The LCOY provides space for young people to learn about, educate, train for, and contribute to UN climate processes, including the UN climate change negotiations and related sustainable development processes.

The organising process must be led by young people and youth-led Entities. Youth are the primary participants of these conferences.

LCOYs emanate from, benefit and form a part of community of young people who want to work together to fight climate change and promote mutual empowerment. To do so, LCOYs actively cooperate with


      1. young people and youth organisations within the same country or region,
      2. co-LCOYs, especially those in the same region,
      3. the YOUNGO LCOY Working Group,
      4. the Global COY and other relevant processes and avenues within YOUNGO.

LCOY organizing teams should communicate actively with LCOY Working Group and other actors. This will help us as an international movement and constituency of young people to learn from the experiences and mistakes made on the local level

LCOY teams strive to make their conferences as sustainable as possible, noting the regional and national circumstances, and capacities.

LCOY organizers engage in and strengthen already-existing networks of young people and youth Entities within Scope of the LCOY. In absence of such avenues, LCOYs are encouraged to explore laying foundation for new networks.

LCOY teams are encouraged to undertake activities or projects with co-LCOYs promoting regional or global collaboration.

LCOY teams are encouraged to experiment with creative ideas that would form basis of their learning curves. The best practices and the lessons learned are shared with the broader YOUNGO community to help other youth for future projects.

The LCOY Working Group

The processes behind LCOYs are coordinated by the YOUNGO LCOY Working Group. In this group, young people from all around the world communicate with each other to give support to LCOY organisers, to build this website, to review applications, and to further develop the concept of LCOYs. You want to be part of this? Please join us, everyone is welcome. Please write to lcoywg@gmail.com if you want to join us!

As a first step to do so, have a look at this document that tells you everything you need to know in a nutshell.

Or you maybe wanna organise a youth climate conference in your home country? The application forms will be published on 15th March but please already sign-up on this form so that we can inform you as soon as more information is available.