LCOY Mauritania 2018

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Mauritania Youth for Climate

The Sahel is a region that has been put under pressure due to climate change, it touches many countries in Africa including Mauritania. The Climate refugees is a phenomenon that has been seen by local residents of the Capital Nouakchott for some time now. We want to inn
ovate in the social work that has been put in place by many Youth NGOs now. Introducing them to the reasons and long term solutions for this crisis

The aim of the LCOY Mauritania is to introduce Young NGOs for the work on Climate Change mitigation and adaptation. We want to teach them about Climate Change and how they can be proactive in changing the different challenges by improving the environment and lowering the risks of future climate change.

Dates & Facts

When will the COY take place? The 14 of October
Where will it take place? Hotel Azalay
How many participants do you expect? 100 to 200
Where can I register? x
Where can I get further information Contact Form below




Better humanitarian aid starts with better environment for all.

Objectives and planned Outcomes

Engage the Youth in Climate Action and Climate mitigation.



You can find a summary of the activities and outcomes in this report from LCOY-Mauritania

Videos from the LCOY - rounds of discussion and planting trees

Videos from the LCOY - rounds of discussion and planting trees

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