LCOY Uganda 2018

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The purpose of LCOY is to create a critical mass of youth who can enhance awareness of youth on the adverse impacts of climate change on their respective countries, while preparing them to participate In various forms of intervention to mitigate or adapt accordingly. The youth in Uganda form a big portion of the national population and most of them are either underemployed or un employed. Due to rampant unemployment they resort irrational and wasteful exploitation of natural resources as source of survival and livelihood. In their quest they contribute to environmental degradation such as deforestation, soil exhaustion, wetland destruction and desertification to name but a few.

The national coy will serve as a platform for bringing the Ugandan youth together and prepare them to participate in climate change processes at national And international levels while addressing unemployment challenges and poverty. They will also establish avenues for joining the global processes in contributing to the realization of sustainable development goals. The focus of the youth conference is to enhance capacity of the youth to tackle the adverse effects of climate change and preserve the environment for sustainable development.

For Uganda Fika Afrika advocacy foundation will host the National COY with partners from 1-2 November 2018 at pearl Highway Hotel Entebbe road.

Dates & Facts

When will the COY take place? 1-2 November 2018
Where will it take place? Pearl Highway Hotel Entebbe road
How many participants do you expect? 300  participants from CSOs, Academia, religious leaders, youth organizations, government officials, Development partners/ Agencies, Private sector
Where can I register? 1-15 October 2018
Where can I get further information (link to website) Contact Form below




  1. Gender and Vulnerable groups and climate change
  2. Health, Sanitation and climate change
  3. Waste Management and climate change
  4. Environment and natural resources;
  5. Sustainable forest management and climate change
  6. Law and Environment
  7. Water – energy - food - ecosystem.
  8. Transport and Environment
  9. Sustainable Market and environment
  10. Communication and Environment
  11. Economics and Environment
  12. sport and environment

Objectives and planned Outcomes

  1. To raise innovative ideas of youths in decision making process towards climate change interventions and achieving Goal 13
  2. To raise awareness and strengthen youths' participation in climate action and realization of the Paris Agreement, SDGs, And Green growth strategy
  3. To examine the understanding of climate change among youths in terms of Capacity building, Mitigation, Adaptation and Climate financing.
  4. To raise youth voices on climate change as champions for the crisis.
  5. To build strong dialogues among youths to discuss issues that affect their production in the climate change circle.
  6. To Create strong partnerships and collaborations for participatory of youth in climate change adaptation strategies

The Organising Team

Fika Afrika/ Tunza Eco generation Uganda will be the lead in organizing the conference, in collaboration with Energy without borders, Miss Earth Uganda, Makerere university department of environment Management, MUCCA, MUWMRA.  Government ministries, Development partners, UN Agencies and NGOs will be included in the NOC, each with defined responsibilities.


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