LCOY Austria 2018

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Strengthening youth climate action in Austria

Many organizations in Austria have been active in climate change, not least youth groups and youth representatives. Consequently now, in the run-up to COY14 and COP24, we bring them, and everyone interested together to learn from and inspire each other, as well as, exchange ideas and create constructive solutions together. Furthermore, Austria’s EU-presidency is another reason to seize the moment and take action, because progress in climate politics is urgently needed. Our ambition is to use the potential of the many organizations and individuals in Austria that can and want to contribute by offering knowledge, skills, own projects and share our motivation for change.


Dates & Facts

When will the COY take place? 16-18th November 2018
Where will it take place? Technical University of Vienna, Austria
How many participants do you expect? 200/day
Where can I register? Link to Google Form
Where can I get further information





  • climate politics and negotiations including simulations of UN-negotiations
  • climate communication, debates and journalism
  • the role of civil society and economy in change-making
  • implications of climate change in Austria
  • international as well as local development and climate change
  • the wider field of creative solutions for sustainable societies and economies


Objectives and planned Outcomes

  • give youth the opportunity to experience climate negotiations through a simulation and learn about climate politics
  • provide accurate information on the science-policy interface of climate change, environment and sustainable development
  • empower youth to raise their voice, encourage them to implement their own projects and inspire them to be creative in their everyday lives
  • create a platform for Austria's youth to promote the exchange of ideas and the development of climate-related projects
  • make the positions, ideas and demands of youth heard through the output of the conference and media coverage/reports


The Organising Team

We are a group of ambitious students with diverse backgrounds, coming from different countries and studying at different universities in Vienna. Our mutual passion for climate action and shared mission to give voice to our and future generations were the main reasons that brought us together in this project. Furthermore, we are all part of different climate change-related movements and institutions. Likewise, most of us are now members of the youth-led think-and-do-tank CliMates Austria.


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