LCOY Fiji 2018

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Local Conference of Youth Fiji- 2018

The Local Conference of Youth (COY) is an official event authorized by YOUNGO, the official youth-constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The LCOY- Fiji will be a Fijian National gathering of young people passionate about environmental and climate change thematic which takes places right before the 14th Conference of youth in Katowice, Poland.This is a brilliant platform for all young Fijians to have a drive of engagement and learning. The LCOY will particularly focus on Education on the Paris Agreement that was signed in COP21, and general summarized information to sum up negotiations from COP23 that took place in Bonn, Germany with Fiji having Presidency to the COP Conference. We believe that not many young Fijians are well versed and informed about what the Paris Agreement is, even though they reside in a region that encounters most of the vulnerabilities of Climate Change.

Dates & Facts

When will the COY take place? 13th-15th September 2018
Where will it take place? Holiday Inn Hotel, Suva, Fiji
How many participants do you expect? 40-50
Where can I register? Registration closed




LCOY will be an excellent podium to enhance foundation knowledge about such global implementation efforts to youths of Fiji. To add on, various topics will be deliberated to the participants of our conference. Some of which include;

  1. Climate Justice
  2. Climate Change Mitigation
  3. Ocean Protection
  4. Climate Change and Agriculture
  5. Climate Change and Health
  6. Climate Change and Gender
  7. Climate Policy and Advocacy
  8. Awareness on SIDS vulnerabilities,  and
  9. Sustainable Development Goals particularly SDG13, 14 and 15.

Objectives and planned Outcomes

The major target of course for LCOY-Fiji is to create a platform of constructive working and learning with peer interactions where youths of Fiji get an opportunity to engage themselves in Climate Action. Fiji, despite being a Small Island Developing State in the Oceanic region, encountering the vast impacts of Climate Change and its uncountable threats to its people and resources have very little youth involvement to address this issue. This LCOY platform will therefore provide emerging youths the opportunity to learn more about Climate Change and how they as youths of this Nation can contribute to minimise the impacts. Also, it is commonly seen that only a few youths get such opportunities to be part of such conferences to learn and better engage themselves. Therefore, LCOY- Fiji also aims to give opportunities to those potential youths that have never previously been given privilege and opportunity to be part of a COY Event.

Further Information

LCOY Fiji Conference will focus on utilizing the essence of the Talanoa Dialogue Concept in terms of hosting Talanoa Sessions during the Conference to share knowledge and experience relating to the impacts of Climate Change in the Pacific with each other. Our Talanoa sessions will also progress for a Climate Ambition and will follow the same structure as the Talanoa Dialogue such as the three Central Questions; 1. Where are we?

  1. Where do we want to go?
  2. How do we get there?

To follow up, The Local Conference of Youth will also produce

  1. An outcome document
  2. A submission with relation to the Talanoa Sessions we will conduct (with connections to the Talanoa Dialogue)
  3. Create and release a Video with close reference to the Talanoa Dialogue and the other elements of action that will be carried out in the LCOY


The Organising Team

LCOY Fiji-2018 Working Group comprises of a diverse range of 20 hardworking and dedicated individuals that work tirelessly for the Youth Voice to be heard with the evidence Climate Change and the vulnerabilities it poses especially in the South Pacific Region. The 20 individuals all have their own experiences in Climate Action. We have 4 members that are Academics out of which 2 have a Masters Degree in Climate Change. We also have members that are actively involved in various youth organizations that work hand in hand to address Climate Change in the Pacific. The Working group is also enriched with members that have immense experience and knowledge in Organizing such National Level Conferences, out of which 2 members have previously Co-Organized LCOY-Fiji 2017 last year. To add colour, we have members that have actively contributed in COY13 and COP23 last year in Bonn, Germany last year.

Sponsors and Supporting Organisations


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